The COVID-19 IgG/IgM (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) Rapid Test Device utilizes lateral flow technology for the qualitative, differential detection of both anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG antibodies. In general, antibodies can be detected 1-3 weeks after infection. This test is intended to screen patients for COVID-19. Combining RNA and Antibody tests can significantly raise the sensitivity for detecting COVID-19 in infected individuals.  This test has an accuracy of 99.4% and is FDA-EUA approved. 

Coronaviruses are enveloped RNA viruses that are distributed broadly among humans, other mammals and birds that cause respiratory, enteric, hepatic and neurologic diseases. Four viruses - 229E, OC43, NL63 and HKU1 are prevalent and typically cause common cold symptoms in immunocompromised individuals. Three other strains SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) can be transmitted from between non-human vertebrates to humans.

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COVID - 19 Antibody / Detection 

(detects previous infection (IgG - Antibody) as well as current infection (IgM)


Per Test

8 - 10 min results - 99.4 % accurate

COVID - 19 Nasal Swab


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8-72 hour results - sent to a laboratory, verified by a Doctor