About Blue Guard

Blue Guard originated in the Rio Grande Valley and expanded to the Coastal Bend in October 2018.   Blue Guard is located in The Lauren Shopping Center on Morgan Ave a few blocks from Shoreline.   

Let us provide you with professional and caring services at affordable prices! Our special interest is to assist all kinds of organizations from, industrial plants, businesses, non profit groups and to the general public with our screening services!

We believe the abuse of legal and illegal drugs by employees in all occupational groups is occurring throughout the business industry. Why lose production, time, and money when our certified technicians can provide on-site drug and alcohol screening with convenient methods, keeping in mind the confidentiality of the staff/customer.

Our Medical Review Officer is certified and our laboratories are accredited. We are available twenty-four hours a day, preform on-site screenings and keep records of all test reports.  


Administerring confidential drug screenings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while providing quality customer service at an affordable cost!








Meet Our Team

Blue Guard is LEO owned and operated by Certified Technicians, 

Melanie Munoz-Escobedo and Eric Jason Escobedo.  

Our Certified Technicians include:

Alyssa Meza 

Jessica Stafford 

Vicki Blue

Correy Miller

Stephanie Weisenburger